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Renewable Energy - Power Generation Systems (Free)

Would you like to own part of a power generation business in the expanding renewable energy industry (especially at no cost) and get connected with innovative, industrious people?  This could be the best ever business investment opportunity.  If you pay income taxes, it's a no-brainer - the benefits actually begin immediately.

Unlike other businesses, here you don't have to start out behind.  As soon as you jump in, you are ahead.  This may seem unrealistic, but once you see how these investment tax credits and benefits work, and understand the value of this new power technology, and business program, like everyone you will say, "it's a no brainer." 

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Alt Energy - Income Tax Credits, Benefits = Free Renewable Energy Investment

Income Tax Savings

Zero out Taxes plus a Cash Gain (ROI=300%)

Your Income Taxes can Work for YOU - with huge benefits for you and the world 

The Greater Tax Liability, the Greater the Benefits

Federal Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credits and New Alternative Solar Power Technology produce income tax savings for free equity ownership in green energy business systems plus a gain in cash (that can be immediate).  Here is an investment / asset that actually costs (less than) nothing.

Federal Income Tax Benefits (credits & depreciation deductions) convert your tax liability into an asset - equipment and ownership in a Commercial Solar (and BioMass) Power Production Plant, plus cash in your pocket (at no cost - the tax savings are greater than the investment).  The greater the tax liability, the more equipment cost is covered, the greater the equity ownership acquired, and the greater the gain and benefits.  The government has been subsidizing the filthy fossil fuels for decades.  Finally we have energy production technology that is clean and lower cost as well.  It can be produced at a cost approximately equal to the (current) tax benefits.  The government does want people to help build out renewable, alternative energy technologies, and we are in great need of clean sources of energy.  Global warming or not, the pollution is killing us.  Also we could do so much to help the less developed countries and oppressed people of the world with this lower cost technology.  No other application of your taxes could be more beneficial to the country, the environment, and the world in so many ways, as well as to yourself.  Even if you do not need more income or savings for yourself, you can do a great amount of good at no cost to you.

Made Possible with New Low Cost Power Technology

New Green Solar Thermal and Bio-Mass Power Technologies - multiple factors more efficient and lower cost than existing technologies, with a new blade-less turbine, more efficient heat exchangers, concentrator and circuitry, plus a system for seamless conversion to Electric Vehicles could be major factors in taking us to energy independence, a much cleaner environment, and economic benefits that could rejuvenate the economy.  These tax credits and savings are widely used across the country with many different technologies by many people.  The exceptional benefits of this program are a result of the lower cost technology and the fairness of the organizers - not selling out to the big money (making this available to anyone) and evenly distributing the benefits.   

Participants are contracted to earn about 11% on amounts invested (for 5 yrs, then 5% for 30 yrs) which makes this a very positive deal - even if there were no tax or other benefits at all.  And this sort of involvement could turn out to be safer than putting money in a bank considering the financial condition of many banks, the dollar, and the governments.  Here you actually own a physical asset (not just a paper promise).  Also, considering current economic problems, it is wise to be diversified, and especially into an industry of a necessity.

Anyone can benefit from this program, individuals or companies, small or large, with tax liabilities of a few hundred dollars to millions. Tax benefits like this, that usually only the wealthy are able to utilize, are available here to the "little guy" as well -- utilizing / eliminating 100% of tax liability (as good as it could get).   Now you don't have to feel like, the more you work and earn, the more you lose to taxes.  You can keep and put to work all the money you make - and do a great amount of good. 

This program is thoroughly legitimate and legal with supportive opinion letters from major Law Firms, scrutinized by the IRS, and proven for over 8 years (the credit utilized here ends in 2017).

In view of the many costly, mostly counter-productive policies of the federal government, this is one, and perhaps the first, and only, that is really, ALL GOOD - with no downside - no negative side effects - where EVERYONE BENEFITS (a real no-brainer). 

More details on how the tax credits / benefits work are on the next pageIncome Tax Credits / Benefits and a brief description with an outline of the awesome benefits of this new power technology is on the 3rd page of:  New Alternative Energy Technology.  

Please use our Contact Form to request more  information on this program, the technology, investment tax benefits, business, etc.

Disclaimer:  It is not our business to provide tax advice.  All statements here are for the purpose of information (only) - on possible business and tax benefits for those with the appropriate financial situation.  All interested parties are responsible for their decisions and for obtaining their own legal and tax filing advice.

Following this (legal, proven) program, you can own equity in an income producing asset in the extremely beneficial renewable energy industry with no out-of-pocket expense; the government will convert or apply your tax liability to cover (pay for) your investment.  For example:  Commit to contribute $10,000  and save about $13,500 on your taxes - which covers your investment in plant ownership of $10,000, plus $3,500 cash in your pocket.  Instead of contributing to bureaucratic waste, you can have the net taxes you paid or owe, invested in green energy production - directly creating healthy jobs in clean power generation - improving the economy and the environment, reducing energy costs and our dependence on filthy coal, oil and the Middle East, increasing security in the U.S., diminishing control of big oil and gov't., AND gain a business investment not only at zero cost (FREE) to you, but also keeping about 35% of your tax bill in your pocket.  This actually produces a return on investment of about 300% in less than a year.  Besides electric power, this system also produces clean water (from any salt or polluted water) at the same time - which will allow us to benefit and save millions of lives around the world.  Once you are familiar and comfortable, it takes just about 15 min. online to actually participate in this program.

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